A new brand in the professional and HAM radio antenna market.

The company was created with the aim of providing radio enthusiasts with a new product, offering excellent performance at a price/quality ratio that is only possible with direct sales.

We design and build our products 100% in Italy, using the best materials available, the most advanced technologies, and using only components and processes from licensed suppliers.

Our products are designed to provide superior quality and performance, to last a long time, and to be easy to install.


In work, as in life, you must have values.

Think ahead and respond quickly

Always demand the highest quality

Provide the best customer care with maximum transparency

Today, more than ever, it is important to run one's business in a way that clearly reflects the principles and spirit of the company itself. This is the approach that we wish to take with our customers.

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About Me

I am Pier Francesco Grazioli

My father Giuseppe Grazioli was the founder in 1972 of a well-known manufacturer of antennas based in Volta Mantovana, where I worked alongside him for more than 30 years as product development manager.

After the death of my father, I decided to leave the family business and start a new one, making antennas for Amateur Radio use.
And Grazioli Antenne was born.

My aim is to offer a high-quality product, made entirely in Italy in our factory by skilled craftsmen.


Our Measuring Instruments